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Bogdana Victoria Kadunc

Bogdana Victoria Kadunc

Bogdana Victoria Kadunc1

Bogdana Victoria Kadunc

Editor-in-chief Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology

Following global tendencies and concepts, modern dermatology encompasses clinical, surgical, and cosmiatry aspects. Historically, we went from a phase whose main focus was the clinical diagnosis to the current one, with a huge resolutive power, which characterizes and consolidates Dermatology as a clinical, surgical, and cosmiatry subspecialty.

The developments in surgical Dermatology and Cosmiatry have been driven by the realization that approximately 40% of dermatoses require surgical treatment and by the growing appreciation of physical appearance as a consequence of the increasing human life span, respectively. The dermatologist, with a solid knowledge of the bases of Dermatology, is, certainly, the subspecialist indicated for such therapeutic approaches.

The International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS) was founded in 1978 and, by the mid 1980s, Professor Sebastião de Almeida Prado Sampaio, an example of work, intelligence, and enthusiasm about Dermatology, along with Professor Luis Henrique Camargo Paschoal and other professors constituted the Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery (BSDS).

Brazilian dermatologists, known to be skilful and creative, joined the new area of the subspecialty, which spread very fast, recruiting hundreds of followers in all Brazilian states. Currently, BSDS has 1,200 members, and this year the 21st Annual Brazilian Congress of Dermatological Surgery will be held.

Basic Dermatological Surgery and Cosmiatry were incorporated into the Medical Residency and colleagues who graduated before that have ample learning opportunities through countless theoretical-practical workshops continually held with the support of the Departments of Cosmiatry, Surgery, and Laser of the BSDS and Brazilian Society of Dermatology (BSD). Advanced Dermatological Surgery encompasses micrographic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and hair transplantation, among other techniques, and it is also widely performed and taught in specialization courses.

Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology represents the realization of a bold project that reflects the maturity of Brazilian Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmiatry. Printed issues, with full articles in Portuguese and abstracts in English, will be distributed free of charge to the members of BSD and BSDS. It will be published every three months and, in the digital format, it will have full articles in Portuguese and English, which will give its contents visibility in the international community from its very beginning. With ethical and scientific foundations, it will allow us to spread new knowledge in these areas, giving prominence to our subspecialty.

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