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SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE DERMATOLOGIA (“THE BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF DERMATOLOGY”), registered in CNPJ/MF (“the National Register of Companies / Brazilian Ministry of Finance”) under the number 42174094/0001-65, with headquarters at Avenida Rio Branco, nº 39, 18º andar, Centro – Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

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1. The AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) declare(s) that the ARTICLE is an original piece of work and of the AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S)’ exclusive authorship; that it is not being submitted or considered for publication elsewhere in any medium, and that all necessary permissions for the citation of sources were obtained, with the AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) taking full responsibility for any violations or offenses committed against the rights of third parties, possibly resulting from or characterized by the contents of the ARTICLE itself, be they copyrights or any other rights, exempting the CESSIONARY of any responsibility or participation in those acts and/or their consequences and effects. In this manner, in the capacity of owner(s) and holder(s) of all copyrights related to the ARTICLE, the AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) assign(s) and transfer(s) to the CESSIONARY, definitively, exclusively and without financial obligation, all patrimonial rights of the ARTICLE, including images of his/her/their property contained in the article.

2. Effective immediately, all patrimonial rights related to the ARTICLE are assigned to the CESSIONARY, for editorial and/or commercial reproduction; for printed, electronic, electromagnetic, digital and/or multimedia related publication; for modification, alteration, translation, reproduction, and distribution, with no restrictions regarding quantities and/or geographic region – in Brazil and/or in any international territory – in any language, meaning that the present assignment includes all forms of partial or complete use of the ARTICLE, making unnecessary any subsequent authorization.

3. The AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) is/are solely responsible for the reproductions of texts and/or images contained in the ARTICLE, as well as for the truthfulness and accuracy of credits and copyrights.

4. The AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) does/do not dismiss the citation of his/her/their authorship credit in the publication of the ARTICLE.

5. The SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE DERMATOLOGIA will nonetheless grant the AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) the right to re-publish the ARTICLE in any printed and/or electronic publication, without charge, provided that: the ARTICLE has already been published in Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology, owned by the CESSIONARY; that the AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S) request(s) the prior consent of the editors of that quarterly; and that due reference is made to Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology in the new publication.

6. The present assignment of copyright comes into effect on the date of the signature of this term. Should this article be rejected by the Advisory Board of Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology, a publication owned by the SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE DERMATOLOGIA, or fail to be published in this quarterly within five years, the present assignment will cease to apply, with all patrimonial rights here assigned automatically returning to the AUTHOR(S)/ASSIGNOR(S).

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