Instructions for Submission

General instructions for on-line submission of manuscripts using GNPapers - Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology Publication's Management System (GNPapers/SCD)

The on-line submission of articles should be made through GNPapers / SCD’s Internet address: Once you have accessed the page, the system will request you user name and password. If you is already registered, just type in the information, otherwise click on "I want to register" and proceed with your first time registration. If you have forgotten your password, use the feature “Remind your password”, and an e -mail containing your password will be sent to your registered e-mail. Important notice: Always keep your personal details (e-mail, address, etc.) updated, for our communication with authors is carried out via e-mail exclusively.

All manuscripts should be submitted in Portuguese. Manuscripts in English will only be accepted when none of the authors is Brazilian. The system will automatically reformat the text and, in case the article is approved, a final and standard format will be applied for the final print. Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology strongly encourages authors to electronically submit manuscripts in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. This is because the system emulates screens and tools used by those applications in the step "Set up Manuscript", where it will be possible to "copy and paste" from any text editor, including tables and images. Images and graphs have specific rules that will be described below.



Choose one of the following options:



In case you need to change the format of JPG or TIF images, please access GNPapers / SCD’s DOWNLOADS section and download any of the freeware applications offered for image edition (an access password is required).

The system processes sets of up to five images at a time. To submit more than five images, click on the button "Send more images". Miniatures of the images will then be exhibited. Click on the icon located beside each image to edit the title and legend of each submitted image. Important notice: Authors should keep a copy of the images in the highest resolution available. Should the Publisher find problems with the sent images, the author will be requested to resend those copies.

Step 3 – Register Co-authors:

The individual registration of co-authors, with full name, highest academic title and institution where he/she works, is mandatory. Co-authors’ CPFs can be informed later. The order in which co-authors is exhibited can be easily changed using the "arrows" shown on the screen.


The title and key-words must be entered in Portuguese and in English. Important notice: The system will not accept more than one submission per main author. In case the same article is submitted by different authors, the Editor reserves the right to exclude such articles from the System.


The number of words of the abstract must not exceed the maximum allowed limit specified for the classification of article in question. The exceeding words will be automatically deleted by the System, and a warning will be exhibited. The author must also fill in the Institution, Name and Address for Correspondence, Financial Support fields (any information about concessions or any other type of financial support kind must be provided). The Letter to the Editor field is optional. Important notice:


A simulation of Word is exhibited on the screen, with all necessary functionalities for formatting texts. To insert your text, simply select all the text of your article and “copy and paste” it in the assembly field of the system (article). Only texts and tables must be selected – images should have already been sent in Step 2 and will be inserted automatically in the end of the process. Important notice: Authors and co-authors' names or any other information that may allow the identification of the location where the study has been accomplished (Institution, Hospital, etc.) must not, under any circumstance, be entered in this field. This is due to the double blind procedure under which the reviewing process is carried out. The non observance of this guideline will cause your article to be returned as OUT OF STANDARD – in order for it to be corrected by the author – and will consequently entail a delay for the final publication, in case it is approved.


The screen exhibits the Complete Cession of Copyrights Term. It must be printed in order for the author to collect the signatures and informs each co- author's CPF. The signed document must be sent to SBD’s headquarters by mail (Av. Rio Branco 39, 17th floor, CEP: XXX, Rio de Janeiro, R.J., Brazil) or fax (+ 55 21 2253 6747). Before printing, make sure you have answered the two questions in the end of the term. Important notice: You must print the term using GNPapers system’s printing feature by clicking on the link "Create term". This term seeks to guarantee that authors will not submit the same article to other newspapers.

The Declaration of Conflicts of Interests seeks to comply with the resolution 1,595 of the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine, which states that authors must disclose any sources of financing connected with the preparation of the article, as well as all affiliations or commercial associations, currently in place or that may have been in place for the last 5 years, that can represent conflicts of interests in relation to the publication. Manuscripts will not be refused merely on the basis of the existence of conflicts of interests; however authors must mandatorily disclose the following items in the declaration:

  • Earning of fees for giving presentations, conferences or talks
  • Earning of fees for rendering consultancy services
  • Financing for carrying research projects, organizing teaching, tutoring or training activities or attending symposia
  • Positions occupied in organizations that may benefit or be harmed in any way by the results of the study in question
  • Ownership interests in organization that can benefit or be harmed in any way by the results of the study in question
  • Should there be any type of conflicts of interests other than that of financial nature (e.g. personal, political, religious etc.) and that could arise after the publication of the article in question, it may also be disclosed at the author’s discretion

In the case of investigation articles involving human beings, the following additional documents must be sent: a) the protocol number and copy of the approval of the study by the Ethics Commission of the institution where the research has been carried out, b) a copy of the Term of Free and Informed Consent (TCLE), c) a copy of the patient's authorization in the case of direct citations or identifiable pictures


This is the last step to complete the submission of the article. On this screen the author can visualise his or her work in the system, being able to save a PDF version of the just submitted article. Important notice: The author must click on the link "APPROVE MANUSCRIPT" in order for his or her work to be directed to the Publication’s Secretary for inspection and confirmation

Post-submission procedures (notifications via e-mail) – Upon the completion of the submission process, an automatic e-mail informing whether the submission was completed correctly and acknowledging its receipt by the Publication’s Secretary. In case the article is recognised as being "out of standards", another e-mail will be sent, allowing the author to amend his or her article by accessing GNPapers / SCD System. Authors can track and follow-up the processing of their article at any moment on the GNPapers / SCD System, using the flow code generated automatically by GNPapers, or the title of the article. Important notice: Since the System sends e-mails automatically during the processing of the article, it is essential that the author DISABLE the anti-spam mechanisms of his or her Internet providers, or that he or she CONFIGURE his or her e-mail accounts to ACCEPT any message from the domain For information on how to configure anti-spam mechanisms, please contact your Internet access provider.

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