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Volume 2 Number 4

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Dear Dermatologist friends

Dra Bogdana

Dra. Bogdana Victoria Kadunc1

Dear Dermatologist friends,

Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology''''''''s indexation on the LILACS database, one of the most important in Latin America, confirms that we were right in identifying an unexplored niche in the universe of scientif- ic publications on the themes of dermatologic surgery, laser and cosmia- try, which could be tapped into by a Brazilian journal.The journey of a publication from its inception to its first important indexation is a rich experience born from scientific curiosity, which progresses thanks to the immense dedication of the editors, editorial assistants (SBD team), boards of reviewers and, especially, of the selflessness of the authors who entrust their publications to a newly launched, and not yet indexed, journal. Database requirements for the indexation of scientific journals include periodicity, punctuality and regularity (rigid compliance to the publica- tion dates), minimum number of articles (60 per year), proportion of investigative articles (50%), printed version with titles and abstracts in Portuguese and English, complete electronic version in Portuguese and English, peer reviews, and institutional and regional heterogeneity, among others.All these conditions were precisely met by Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology,whose title in English enables its international recognition. This has been the first important phase of our indexations, which will certainly be followed by others: SCIELO, SCOPUS, ISI, and the most desired of all, MedLine''''''''s PUBMED. This is a victory for Brazilian Dermatology, a result of intense work, patience and perseverance. May 2011 bring many new articles and indexations!!!!!

Dra. Bogdana Victoria Kadunc
Scientific Editor – Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology

Dra. Denise Steiner
Scientific Editor – Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Gabriel Gontijo
Dermatologic Surgery Associate Editor

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