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Volume 2 Number 2

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Dear Dermatologists

Caros amigos dermatologistas

Bogdana Victoria Kadunc1

Scientific Editor – Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology1

Dear Dermatologists

The articles published in this issue of Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology address the current direction of dermatologic therapies with great clarity.

Of the 12 studies discussed in this issue, 5 have technologies – which today represent a vital part of the treatments we provide – as their main theme. Laser and Photodynamic therapy are very important tools in the therapeutic arsenal for a great variety of dermatological conditions, from facial aging to conditions such as acne and vitiligo, to some types of basocellular carcinomas.A new commercial brand of hyaluronic acid used for dermal filling is presented as safe and effective, while ursine grape extract has been proven to be an option in the treatment of melasma.

Topical and tumescent types of cutaneous anaesthesia – as well as their indications and risks – were evaluated authoritatively in two outstanding articles.We have also recorded the creativity and competence of Brazilian dermatologists through two excellent and useful “surgical pearls.” Last, but not least, we recommend the study of the evolution of dermatology from a purely clinical field into a clinical-surgical medical speciality over the last few decades.

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