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Volume 2 Number 1

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Bogdana Victoria Kadunc

Bogdana Victoria Kadunc

Bogdana Victoria Kadunc1

Chief Scientific Editor, S&CD

Dear Colleagues,

It is with enormous happiness and after a year of hard work that we inaugurate, with this issue, the second volume of Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology (S&CD). Going forward, it will be edited at our headquarters by SBD’s editorial team – which means we will have more space, better pictures, and the freedom to more closely manage the journal’s production.

The new publication has attracted a great deal of interest in our field, proving that there is space for studies specifically focusing on dermatologic surgery, laser, and Cosmiatry.

We would like to warmly thank all authors that submitted manuscripts to the first volume, who did not hesitate in entrusting their studies to a new journal that was not yet indexed.They deserve praise for understanding that it is exactly those studies, conducted with love, creativity, and competence, that will demonstrate our scientific production and lead to the journal’s indexing.We would also like to extend our special gratitude to the great number of SBD’s Accredit Care Services that have already sent their studies, and encourage the contribution of those who have not yet made one.We would also like to thank the Brazilian Society of Dermatologic Surgery’s (SBCD) Board of Directors for fulfilling the Society’s educational role by investing in the ability and creativity of dermatologic surgeons and cosmiatrists, through incentivizing and directly supporting interested authors via the Group of Research Support (GAP), which can be contacted through the SBCD.We firmly believe that Brazilian dermatologists will respond swiftly to that stimulus and demonstrate their potential to the international scientific community. 2010 has begun with new and clear horizons for S&CD: in addition to shifting to an in-house production model, the new scientific partnership with CILAD will certainly add important knowledge to the publication.

I wish a good and productive 2010 to the Brazilian and Latin American dermatologists’ community!

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