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Volume 2 Number 1

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Omar Lupi

Omar Lupi

Omar Lupi1

President, Brazilian Society of Dermatology – 2009-20101

Dear Dermatologist

We are beginning a new journey in 2010. The launch of Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology (S&CD) one year ago was a great technical and scientific advance for Brazilian dermatology. It began as a modern publication, offering a solid and high quality scientific content, online submission and an English version available on the Internet; now we expect to achieve its indexing in the next few months. Another important development is our new scientific partnership with the Ibero Latin-American College of Dermatology (Colégio Iberolatino Americano de Dermatologia – CILAD), starting with this issue.We expect that S&CD will also be, from now on, a vehicle for popularizing science within the enormous Spanish-speaking community of Latin America. Brazilians understand that being a Portuguese-speaking enclave in the middle of an ocean of brothers that speak a similar language is not enough; likewise, being organized and practicing excellent quality dermatology is not sufficient.We need to interact and strengthen our international ties, and the natural next step to take is with our Latin-American brothers. This is a strategic and promising partnership – we have invited CILAD to join us in order for the SBD to continue strong and dynamic during the years to come. After all, Arthur Clarke used to say: "And for not having found anything more important than working together, they have stimulated this everywhere. Farmers were made in the fields of men; they have sowed, and sometimes, desolate, they have weeded. But many other times, they have sowed and harvested the golden fruits of the sun."

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