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Hamilton Ometto Stolf

Hamilton Ometto Stolf

Hamilton Ometto Stolf1

Hamilton Ometto Stolf

President of BSDS

The professional improvement of the dermatologist is the main objective of Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery (BSDS). The action plan of the 2008/2009 Board of Directors is to design long-lasting projects, i.e., medium and long-term intentions and goals. It should establish and differentiate itself in its roots of clinical-surgical, basic and advanced surgery, cosmiatry, and laser, besides harmonizing the contents of one regarding the others. The idea of multidisciplinary scientific events with oncologists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons reinforce the intention of being active and present instead of hermetic. I this sense, we support the idea of a closer relationship with the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (BSD), through its Dermatological Surgery Department, planning activities together.

The publication of Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology is a hallmark of this historical union. It will offer its associates, besides papers for Continuing Medical Education (CME), the best available information in the world literature, and the expertise and opinion of national specialists accumulated during the past 21 years of BSDS. The goal of the present endeavor is to support the best decision of the dermatological surgeon regarding the patient. Fostering honest and practical discussions in face of a large number of studies available, whose results are, frequently, not reproducible and are out of touch with Brazilian reality, is another objective of this publication. The best works of the poster presentation of the BSDS Congress will be officially published in this journal, facilitating the dissemination and discussion of new clinical-surgical techniques and procedures.

This is a challenge that will reflect the current technical and scientific level of the BSDS.

Therefore, it is with great responsibility that we implement this partnership between BSDS and BSD.

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