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Omar Lupi

Omar Lupi

Omar Lupi1

Omar Lupi

President of BSD

Today, you hold in your hands the materialization, in the form of this new periodical published by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (BSD), of a longtime aspiration of Brazilian dermatology. Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology offers everything a modern periodical needs to seek indexation, namely, a scientific content that is consistent and of good quality, and on line submission and an English version available in the Internet.

The last two decades have marked dermatology intensely. We changed, from fundamentally clinical and morphological characteristics into a dynamic clinical-surgical subspecialty increasingly permeated by an investigative spirit. Brazilian and South American dermatologists, so skilled in the conduction of surgical and cosmiatry procedures, were lacking an adequate vehicle to express their experience. The birth of this new periodical fulfills this gap and opens up huge perspectives for new generations of dermatologists ready to experiment new frontiers.

I began my acceptance speech as president of BSD explaining I always saw my function more as a constructor of bridges than walls. Bridges among colleagues with different philosophical and political perspectives, and bridges with other similar societies at a time we need consensus and to work together. Forming a scientific partnership with the Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery (BSDS) in this new journal consolidates and brings together the ideals defended by our societies to elevate even more Brazilian dermatology. Thanks to a great scientific and logistic effort of BSD, the new journal will be delivered, from now on, every three months to every member of both societies.

With a serene approach, we should try to filter the reality we see. More than seeing life as black and white, we are always invited to appreciate it in its entire nuances. Thus, maybe by relativizing preconceived and self-sustained ideas we could gather some of our most brilliant minds and, without any type of intellectual insecurity, feel free to create a special period for Brazilian dermatology.

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