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Volume 3 Number 2

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A reason to celebrate!

Comemorando !!!

Dr. Bogdana Victoria Kadunc 1

Chief Editor – Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology 1

Dear SBD members,

We have just received the news that Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology will be indexed in the SCOPUS database.
The database''''''''s Content Selection and Advisory Board has informed us that the title will be accepted for inclusion, with the following com- ments, among others:
"There is a real need for a scientific approach to cosmetic derma- tology and an academic basis to some of the wilder frontiers of clinical practice. This is a young journal (2009), and I would usually recommend a ''''''''wait and see'''''''' approach rather than immediate acceptance. However, the publishers and editors have already taken seriously the advice of LILACS and have moved rapidly to develop a high quality publication in English, which should help it reach the widest possible audience.
This journal and editorial team deserves to take on a much more influential worldwide role in advancing scientific cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery."
To our authors, and editorial board and staff: we have good reason to celebrate!

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