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Volume 3 Number 1

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Changes in S&CD

Modificações na Surgical

Dra. Bogdana Victoria Kadunc1

With the current issue,we are inaugurating the third volume of the scientific journal Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology (S&CD).We now begin a new phase that will be guided by two years of publishing experience and the recommendations issued by LILACS, the database in which the Journal has recently succeeded in becoming indexed.

S&CD has a new Editorial Body.This change, an important requirement of all databases for publications aspiring to become indexed, is aimed at avoiding endogeny in the Journal’s scientific production. The new and more heterogeneous distribution of editors and authors, representing the diverse Brazilian regions and accredited services, addresses this concern.

We also have new sections, created according to the trends set by the authors during these two years of publication, which will provide the opportunity for studies focusing on new surgical and cosmetic techniques. They are:

- NEW TECHNIQUES: will replace the Surgical Pearls and How do I do? sections, providing a space to showcase Brazilian authors’ creativity, following the contemporary shift toward evidence-based medicine.

- COMMUNICATIONS: will bring brief reports on preliminary results of new findings of interest for surgical and cosmetic dermatology or cutaneous oncology, among other sub-specialization areas.

- APPLIED DERMATOSCOPY: will bring dermatoscopic images applied to dermatologic surgery and cosmiatry, providing an additional objective method that supports our daily practice and also helps us demonstrate our results.

- LETTERS: will contemplate objective and constructive comments on published topics, discussed cases, or preliminary results of new findings.

Our next goal is to become indexed by SciELO (Scientific Electronic On-line Library).

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